Indian Style book one

This is a complementary book to my two cookery volumes. It gives short descriptions, properties and usages of various spices, pulses, lentils and other ingredients used in Indian cooking. It also has a listing and discussion on some of the commonly used European herbs as they are generating an interest in the Eastern cuisines also. An interesting and useful reference book.


"Anila has also published a colourful companion, this time concentrating on spices, chillies and herbs. What I liked so much is the history attached to each entry. In Spices, Chillies, Herbs, every entry has a picture and a story. Take the clove for instance. You learn not only how best to use it but also that this is the dried bud of an evergreen tree with crimson flowers that grows to 10 to 20 metres. Ginger on the other hand is an underground stem of the ginger plant grown in India, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. And Vanilla essence is the second most expensive flavouring spice after saffron. Vanilla which means little pod, comes from the orchid flower genus Vanilla native to Mexico and brought to Europe with chocolate in the 16th century...These are beautifully produced books, colourful and informative. Spices, Chillies, Herbs is well worth £ 4.99..."

By Anne Hailes, The Irish News, Wednesday 13th October 2010