Indian Style book one

This a follow up book from the first volume. It has been written in response to general queries on how to mix, match and serve dishes in the context of an Indian set menu. There are twelve set menus in this book; each comprising a starter, main dish, side dishes and dessert. Like the first book there are four cultural articles interspersed with the menus; Bollywood Rocks; Delhi Rhythms; Rock garden; Indian jewellery. As interesting and varied read as the first book.


"Following her successful first book Mom's cooking and More, Anila has produced a followup, more Indian-style dishes but also a stroll through her native country. Delhi is the city of her childhood and she talks about the old narrow street, the wholesale markets and the sophisticated shopping centre of glass..She writes of the British influence, the many religions, the rich culture of a city close to 15 million people. Then you have her menus from all over India to browse through. This is a masterpieceā€¦.and at Ā£12.99 Set Menus Indian Style is a glorious gift."

By Anne Hailes, The Irish News, Wednesday 13th October 2010