Indian Style book one

‘Mom’s Cooking and More’ Indian Style is a book on Indian cooking interspersed with articles on Indian culture. It is a collection of the author’s own childhood memories and her culinary experiences in Northern Ireland, with her own recipes of authentic Indian dishes which she wrote when she held cooking classes for her Irish friends. In response to local interest and in an effort to promote awareness of a different culture, she has included four articles; Bindis and Bangles; Mehendi or Henna; the Sari and Divaali; along with 12 sections of cooking recipes in this production. The book as a whole is an interesting and varied read.


By Anne Hailes, The Irish News, Thursday 28th August 2009

"If you read the new and delightful book 'Mom's Cooking & More Indian Style', author Dr. Anila Bali will amaze you with the wonderful variety of dishes quite easily made at home...the rich colours make it a book you just want to hold open and read...a recipe for success"

By Anne Hailes, The Irish News, Thursday 28th August 2009

“Have you ever spared a thought about Indian food? We always thought it to be what mom whips up in her kitchen, and people world over think it to be a spicy mix of veggies or meat, but Anila Bali defines it as a careful synthesis and blend of spices, seasoning and flavours”

By Jigyasa Kapoor Chimra, The Tribune, Saturday 28th February 2009

“SWEET, sour, spicy...the book will tingle every taste bud. From the history of Indian spices, to their indispensable and practical use in Indian cooking, the best way to use these spices and seasonings, recipes of wholesome Punjabi khana, Dr Anila Bali savours and serves authentic North Indian food in her book, ‘Mom’s cooking and More, Indian Style”.

By Parul, The Indian Express, Chandigarh Newsline Saturday 28th February 2009